2018年12月  Gallery NEXTi オーナー 土田 諭

The GALLERY NEXTi starts December 12th, 2018

We, NEXTi have newly opened contemporary art gallery. For a long time, we had desire to venture in art enterprises, and our ideal working environment was that surrounded by art. We are truly fortunate for our chance to produce and run gallery of Kiyokatsu Matsumiya, an artist we encountered at 「Japan EXPO 2005」. Those of you familiar with our office maybe surprised for our office is comparatively tight. We have remodeled our lobby and conference room exhibiting 80 art pieces, from small pieces to large pieces. Although, we may be the smallest, working office and storage combined gallery in Japan, we are now a “Workable Gallery”. Please come by freely and relax/enjoy the infusions and breathing of Kumohadamashi (type of washi made of hemp) and oil paintings.

2018.12 Satoshi Tsuchida / GALLERY NEXTi Owner