2019年4月 アーティスト 松宮喜代勝

To this year, I have been living the long days of skipping rehabilitation needed, but nowadays I have come to feel some sort of intention of my own, a motivation to commit myself to rehabilitating.
This motivation arose by the undefined feeling of chance to encounter newness and, something offering hand to do so.
I feel the calling from my subconscious soul partner, [Red].
I will start from creating new piece for Color Phase I Series, which is my grass roots, and Color Phase V Series, rather tension easing piece.
Furthermore, if I have the chance to do so, I will be working more on “Earth Breath” Series, which resembles Red expressed only by “clay work”, and “Forest Breath” Series, which resembles occasional conversation of my other-self with [Washi](Japanese paper) in the cohabitation with the nature.
[Treasure of encounter] is the mother of energy and with Gallery Nexti, I will start my adventurous journey full of hopes and dreams.
We will reach out to the World with [Japan Red]                    

2019.04 Kiyokatsu Matsumiya / Artist